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345kPa- Type D De-Gassing Doors

1630-AMM-001 RVB.jpg

Due to recent safety concerns within the underground mining industry, AMM has just completed development and manufacture of a new configuration of de-gassing door. Our aim with this product was to configure the door such that it could be fully operated and sealed from a safe working distance to best reduce any risk to personnel. Additionally, our team of experienced industry professionals have gone to great lengths to ensure that the units are adjustable in all the right places to make installation a quick and simple with a perfect fit every time. For a full operational and design explanation please watch the video shown below.

As of March 2020 this door design has gone into full production. If your company is interested in putting this style of door to use or just seeking additional information please contact us for a free consultation session.



QDS Implement Engineering Certification

Since 2017 we have provided our services to a number of underground mine sites to accurately certify a wide range of QDS Implements and provide them with the appropriate compliance plaques for Australian Standard requirements.

PD3575-1609-001 rev 1.png

Our services include onsite consultation, complete 3D modelling and analysis, and full RPEQ certification on any configuration of QDS Pod from basic mesh pods through to hydraulic forks and ejector buckets.


If required we can provide operation and training manual documentation and a complete design risk assessment.

Reflective Paint

AMM is the OEM and intellectual property owner of Reflect-a-Coat, an up and coming paint that is being introduced to the mining industry through our industry partners.

Reflect-a-Coat is a highly versatile paint that can be used in workshop high volume applications down to reflective clear air brushing.

Reflect-a-Coat is a true Automotive quality clear coat that has no effects untill a light source is pointed at it.

The main market is currently Trialing Cables painted in a continuous 360 degree spray pattern.