3D Scanning

AMM is at the head of the pack when it comes to quick and accurate modelling of machinery and fixed plant with our cutting edge 3D scanners. Our brand new fleet of Artec Scanners has been designed explicitly for use on mechanical components and fixed plants, giving them a distinct advantage over other scanners which have been designed for more civil and surveying based applications. If you require precise engineering for plant or machinery modifications, or component reverse engineering, AMM has the technology to meet your needs.

Artec Logo

Our current fleet of  scanners consists of the Leo and Ray model devices. The Artec Leo is a handheld unit that boasts the fastest scanning speed on the market while still maintaining a scan point accuracy of 0.1mm. With a built in high power processor and touch screen, our technicians can read and review scan data on the go to ensure no detail is missed. The easy mobility of the Leo combined with its advanced  hybrid geometry and texture tracking allows our technicians to begin scanning with minimal to no set-up required. Additionally, the Leo has a combined digital camera system that allows all scan models to be captured with real time coloring.

The Artec Ray is a device which specializes in large objects such as heavy machinery and fixed plant structures. With a range of 110m over 360° of horizontal rotation and 270° of vertical rotation at a speed of 208, 000 scan points per second second our technicians can rapidly build a full area model of any of your facilities.


Where detail is required, the Leo and the Ray are pairable which allows us to take high detail scans of particular items or geographic locations using the Leo and then synchronize  the data to produce a comprehensive scan.

AMM will be offering scanning services with the Artec Leo from July 2020, and services with the Artec Ray from early August 2020. For more information or to book these services please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.