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AMM offers comprehensive engineering certification services for any mining, manufacturing or industrial application. Our team of engineers can scan, draw and model any piece of equipment or infrastructure in-house or onsite. Through the use of our specialised stress analysis software and RPEQ certified engineers we can rapidly locate fault inducing stress concentrations, provide design alteration and repair suggestions, and deliver full Australian Standard Compliance certificates and plaques.

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Recent AMM projects involving these works have included the re-certification of large numbers of QDS Pod designs to modern Australian Standard requirements. As part of our services package we have provided each completed pod with not only a full engineering certificate but also complete design risk assessment literature as well as operation and training manual materials for the client to utilize in their internal documentation.

For our mining and industrial clients, our team of engineers are able to offer in-depth, onsite auditing of  any fixed infrastructure such as conveyors, walkways, storage racking and much more to ensure that your company is fully compliant and up to date with all Australian Standard requirements.


Additionally our team can aid your business in calibrating facilities to help ensure your equipment is operating as efficiently as possible whilst minimising maintenance requirements.