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Whether used in quality assurance protocols at the completion of a fabrication project or as an appraisal tool during scheduled maintenance periods, the implementation of NDT inspections can be a hugely beneficial asset for any company.

When working with any ferromagnetic material Magnetic Particle NDT can quickly detect any cracking, fatigue or manufacturing faults with a high degree of accuracy. The data provided by such inspections is an invaluable asset for companies to ensure that any product leaving their workshop is of the best quality possible or that any of their fixed assets are in suitable condition for use.



AMM’s team of skilled professionals includes 3 fully qualified NDT technicians that can satisfy any of your in-house or onsite MPI requirements with all inspections being fully compliant to AS1171 . At the completion of their work our technicians are able to provide in-depth inspection reports to ensure that each client receives complete documentation of the works done and their results.


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