Underground Coffin Seal, Fines Collector and Hungry Board rated for a 35kPa overpressure event (Type B Seal), certified to AS3990 and CMSHR – 2017, and suitable for a 1600mm belt, floor mounted or roof supported.

Coal flows from the Fines Collector and through the Coffin Seal. Pending on location and space, the unit can be configured as required to suit site requirements. The centre is made up of bolt-together sections, which means as the environment changes (pressure, moisture, size of coal, etc.) sections can be added if a greater seal is required. This is the same for the Fines Collector and Hungry Boards.

The Coffin Seal consists of 4 rubber flaps and lid mounted spray bars per section to improve seal and reduce airborne fines.

The Fines Collector creates a flow path for airborne fines, due to a pressure differential created by a stopping, and deposits fines in a sump adjust to the Coffin Seal. Design includes provisions to attach ducting to the tops of the Fines Collector to direct the deposit.

The Hungry Boards are designed to reduce spillage and catch stray projectiles due to high belt speeds.

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