A Full Coffin Seal Assembly for 1600mm Conveyor Belt. This design can can be readily modified to suit the clients chosen belt structure as well as easily scaled up or down to suit numerous belt sizes.

This design has been developed to be completely modular. This feature allows work crews to spray in the Coffin Seal Fascia plates in advance of installing the rest of the assembly, hence allowing for more flexibility in installation scheduling. Additionally the modular design means each component is smaller and more easily managed which greatly reduces the manpower and machinery requirements for transportation and installation.

The design includes 16 sealing flaps distributed across 3 coffin seal sections with each section including a bolt in spray bar that can be easily removed with the belt still in operation for any maintenance purposes.

Fascia Plate dimensions (3 sections assembled): Tare 146kg, Height: 2,020mm, Width: 2,395mm

Fully assembled dimensions: Tare: 3,465kg, Length: 9,275mm, Width: 2,270mm, Height: 975mm

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