Self Loading Reeler

To greatly improve operator safety and reduce manual handling AMM has developed a hydraulic “self-loading” Reeler design.


Used for the transport, rolling and unrolling of multiple types of cable and hosing, one of the difficulties with the original design has always been the need for workers to manually situate the Reel into the Reeler’s cradle. The self loading design solves this problem through the use of 2 hydraulically driven pick-up arms mounted to the front of the device.


The hooks that form the front of the pick up arms prevent any uncontrolled movement of the Reel during the loading/ unloading process whilst the sway bar simultaneously equalizes the pick up arms during operation and provides the operator with an easily visible guide to help them align the attachment with the reel that is being loaded.


Both sides of the Reel cradle are fitted with locking plates to ensure that during  transport and operation the Reel remains properly secured. Furthermore, both the loading mechanism and the the hydraulic motor which is responsible for driving the reel during operation operate on the same hydraulic line with a diversion valve being in place to switch between the 2 systems. This ensures that at no point can the pick up arms be activated during operation nor the hydraulic motor be activated during the loading/unloading procedure.



To complete the project the new self -loading design has been completely RPEQ certified  and was delivered with a complete documentation package including a design risk assessment, training manual and operation manual. If your company is interested in upgrading your current equipment please contact us for a free consultation session.