Designed as a mobile work station for the installation of overhead vitaulic piping infrastructure, this design is suitable for the installation of 4 & 6 inch vitaulic pipes. The trailer is fitted with 2 operator platforms that can be raised and lowered hydraulically, two hydraulic telescoping arms act to lift the pipe lengths from the cradle and hold them in position for work crews to install them. A wire-webbing sling system is raised by a pair of hydraulic winches to ensure that stored pipes are kept in an easily accessible position within the cradle. Each work platform is fitted with a hydraulic control bank to ensure easy access for operators.

WLL: 6” Vitaulic x 6.5m = 39 Lengths 4” Vitaulic x 6.5m = 58 Lengths Max 2 persons per platform 175 kg Accessories Tare: 6,700 kg

Length: 9,015 mm Width: 2,420 mm Height: 2,115mm (Transport), 2,450 mm (Max)

Max Incline: 14 Degrees Max Cross Grade: 7 Degrees Certified to: AS3990, AS1657

Approved Loaders: Eimco ED10, JUGERNAUT JU-A-O V1060, V1210 SANDVIK LS190

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