AMM Standard QDS Plaster Hopper. This implement is designed as a plaster powder transportation, storage and dispensation unit. It’s intended use is to be placed above a Piccola to directly supply plaster powder during spraying operations. This is achieved through the deployment of the 4 adjustable legs fitted to the implement to provide stable positioning whilst the knife gate mounted at the base of the hopper works to meter the flow of plaster powder. Additionally, the unit is fitted with pneumatic vibrating units to ensure that none of the dry material bind up within the hopper bin. To increase usability, the vibrator units are fed air directly through a single standard Minsup connection.

WLL: 4,000 kg
Tare: 2,300 kg
Length: 2,560 mm
Width: 2,490 mm
Transport Height: 1,860 mm

Maximum Height: 2,985 mm
Max Incline: 14 Degrees
Max Cross Grade: 7 Degrees
Certified to: AS3990, AS2359.1

Stability Approved for:
EIMCO 130, ED7, ED10, SANDVIK LS170, LS190, JUG-A-0 V1060, V1210, COALTRAM CT10

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