AMM Standard Giraffe Jib.

Stability approved For:
EIMCO 130 (WLL: 3,300 kg)
EIMCO ED7 / SANDVIK LS170 (WLL: 3,700 kg)
EIMCO ED10 / SANDVIK LS190 (WLL: 4,000 kg)
COALTRAM CT10 (WLL: 4,000 kg)
JUG-A-O V1060, V1210 (WLL: 4,000 kg)

Tare 2,250 kg

Length: 3580 mm

Width: 1040 mm

Height: 1080 kg

Max Incline: 14 Degrees

Max Cross Grade: 7 Degrees

Certified to: AS3990, AS2359.1

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