Dual Direction Detonation Arrestors

As part of an ongoing project we are completing with Ensham resources, AMM had completed the design and construction of 5 Dual Direction Detonation Arrestors for use in on site de-gassing infrastructure. The design incorporates 4 isolation valves in conjunction with 2 flame arrestor units. Each unit is fitted with a magnahelix differential pressure gauge to easily identify pressure loss. With this set up we can allow each flame arrestor unit to be isolated and removed from the system for maintenance or replacement without compromising the operation of the overall unit.

We are now actively marketing these units at a great cost reduction of only $30,000 each with a fully compliant detonation arrestor fitted. Please let us know if you are interested.

Machinery Access Systems Auditing Services

With the recent industry increase in scrutiny of Machinery Access Systems, AMM has begun completing AS5327 compliance audits for various machine operators to complete their required site introduction documentation and/or gap analysis prior to rebuilds.

Our experienced team of personnel can rapidly inspect various types of machinery located throughout the Bowen basin and surrounds to provide in-depth audit reports.

In cases where access systems do not meet compliance standards, AMM is equipped to provide complete design solutions and fabrication services to help our clients achieve compliance. To add assurance to our services, AMM is equipped with leading 3D scanning technology that we use to capture in-depth models of the inspected machinery enabling us to ensure all designed components will fit before they’ve left the workshop.

Pump Pod Overhaul

In another trash to treasure story, AMM has finished work on the complete re-certification and overhaul of a 10,000 L Pump Pod for Kestrel Coal Resources for use in their De-Watering System Upgrade.

The pod was completely stripped down and inspected before undergoing a number of structural modification to both be Australian Standard compliant as well as fit for purpose. These modifications included increasing the QDS structural members in size, constructing a new pump sled, installing a new QDS Locking Plate, and installing a new weir within the tank to aid with sediment control.

IMG_0133 - To This.JPG

Beyond the structural modification, this Pump Pod was also fitted with a new diaphragm pumping array rather than a standard electrical unit. Consisting of 6 pumps working in series, each pump in the array is able to fully isolate both its air and water inlets so that the assembly as a whole can remain in operation whilst any individual pump undergoes maintenance.  As an additional feature to increase the efficiency of the entire system, the internal storage tank has been fitted with a float which directly controls a pneumatic actuator installed on the air supply line for the pumping array. This allows the array to automatically shut itself off when the water level gets to low within the tank.


To close the project out, the pump pod was freshly blasted and painted and then fitted out with all required fittings, hoses, plaques and signage.

QDS Fuel Pod MDG36 Overhaul

Brought back from the edge of the scrap heap, AMM has just completed work on the first complete overhaul and upgrade of  Kestrel Coal Resource’s 2000L QDS Diesel Pod fleet.




Following a complete sandblast, NDT Inspection and repairs the Pod has been completely re-certified to ensure that it up to date with current Australian standards. Part of this process included additional upgrades to the QDS bracing to fix the common cracking issue with has previously affected this design.



The Pod has also been completely upgraded to be MDG36 compliant including a brand-new fire suppression and pumping system. All of this was topped off with a with a fresh paint-job and a full signage kit to make this pod look better than new.


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